Grandparenting is Groovy E-Bundle

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In this series course, Steve and Megan strengthen and encourage grandparents to have a long- lasting impact on their own family. With an instructive and intensely practical approach to grandparenting, the Scheibners help grandparents everywhere navigate the crucial issues related to their children and grandchildren.

  • ·  Can I have an impact on the lives of my grandchildren?

  • ·  What is the balance between helping and interfering with my grown children?

  • ·  Is it possible to establish a long-lasting family legacy for Christ? Find the answers to these questions and more in this easy to view series.

    Grandparent demand and three years of nationwide research led Steve and Megan to develop this groundbreaking teaching for the extended family. With the baby-boomer population aging and moving into the third generation, the need to establish a family legacy of Godly behavior has become even more essential.

    Topics include:

    The Principle of Modeling Building A Family Legacy
    The Grandparenting Growth Model Earning The Right To Be Heard The Restoration Model
    Developing a Finisher's Attitude


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Character Matters Book

How do I teach my grandchildren to respect others? What does faithfulness look like on a daily basis? Am I modeling integrity in my home?

You'll find the answer to these questions and more in Character Matters: A Daily Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Courageous Character. As you walk through the pages of this book, you'll experience personal character growth while seeing the fruit of positive character training in the life of your family. Intensely practical and filled with tried and proven tips and techniques to elevate the level of character in your home, Character Matters will be a trusted resource for years to come.

We Weren't Always Grandma and Grandpa

There's nothing better than grandchildren, and being a grandparent is one of the best titles we'll ever own! But being a grandparent isn't just about babysitting, buying presents, and being able to spoil those precious little nuggets that call us Grandma and Grandpa. Grandparenting is about passing on a family legacy. Whether your family is large or small, musicians or athletes, scientists, or teachers, we all want to pass on a legacy of faithful and God-honoring living.

Too often, we miss the opportunity to share what shaped our own lives. Believe it or not, your grandkids think you've ALWAYS been Grandma and Grandpa! They can't picture you as children, and they certainly can't picture you dating or (gasp!) falling in love. They can't even imagine that their parents were ever little. This book is your opportunity to fill in the blanks and give them a picture of their family history.

Sharing your spiritual journeys is a great teaching opportunity. When you read the book to your grandchildren, you will open the door to ask them to share how and when they came to know the Lord. For some, this little book will give you a chance to share the Gospel.

We've given you illustrations that allow space to add pictures to the book. If you'd like, place the images right over the appropriate spot on the illustration, but if you don't have pictures, NO PRESSURE...the book will look just fine without them.

Have fun filling in the book. We hope it brings up sweet memories and prompts great conversation as you prepare to pass on your own unique legacy to your own special grandchildren!