Marriage Matters Bundle Thumbdrive

Marriage Matters Bundle Thumbdrive

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Teaching from the foundation of thirty six years of marriage, Dr. Steve and Megan Scheibner will walk you through essential topics such as: the five benefits of following instructions, the difference between covenant and contract, the differing roles of the husband and wife, love, respect, communication, friendship, and so much more.

Now in a convenient thumb-drive format, you can take the marriage bundle with you wherever you go. Any place you can plug the thumb-drive in: the car, the treadmill, or on the road. Capitalize on your brief free time by having excellent marriage advice at your fingertips! 


  • Marriage Matters Workbook
  • Marriage Matters
  • 8 Rules of Communication Book
  • Talk Time Book
  • The Wise Wife Book
  • I Want to Know You (men) Booklet
  • I Really Want to Know You (women) Booklet
  • Ways to Date Your Mate Booklet
  • Spicy
  • Taking the Lead Workbook
  • Taking the Lead