Snatching Joy

Snatching Joy

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Where does joy fit into our days when sometimes life is just plain hard?

Do you long for a life that has more joyful peaks, than crash-and-burn joyless valleys?

Do you want to know how to snatch and hold on to joy, even when it seems slippery and illusive?

Trust me! There's so much more to life than the "Sunday morning happy face." Snatching Joy: 'Cause Sometimes Life Just Stinks will provide a roadmap to the joy-filled, God-promised life that you've been longing to find. Experiencing a joyful Christian life is an exciting journey of growth and blessing. As we study the true definition of joy, the unending Source of our joy, and the Biblical requirement to make joy our daily decision, we will discover a wellspring of joy bubbling up in our hearts. When we overflow with Biblical joy, we'll become joy-bearers who bring encouragement and hope into the lives of everyone we meet. Let's go snatch some joy!