Thrive Tribe Family Discipleship E-Bundle

Thrive Tribe Family Discipleship E-Bundle

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Character Matters Series

Is it even possible for young adults to consistently elevate virtues above their feelings?
How can young adults 'take on' their own values and beliefs?
When should my teen's obedience to my authority transition to taking personal responsibility?

Perfect for family devotions, Sunday School classes, youth groups, or individual study, the Character Matters series will open the door to the character-conversations you long to have with your pre-teens and teens. Character Matters doesn't just teach about character but instead provides young adults with the tools they need to exhibit daily character. Full of animation and captivating illustrations, Character Matters is a resource that you'll return to again and again.

Studies in Character book

12 Transformational Studies of the Character That Makes for Character Healthy Living

Designed to be intensely practical and easily implemented, Studies In Character will assist you to dig into the Word of God, compare and contrast passages related to character growth, and interact with quotes from famous people, as you grow in God-honoring and proactive character. With Scripture as its foundation, Studies In Character provides a systematic process to learn about character from the originator of character Himself...God. Perfect for individuals, families, or small groups, Studies In Character will help you develop character qualities such as integrity, diligence, honesty, respect, and so many more.

Bible Basics

A Study in Biblical Foundations provides the solid footing every believer needs to know God and to follow Him faithfully. Perfect for individuals or small groups, Bible Basics will afford you the confidence you need to live the Christian life and share Christ with others. With fill-in-the- blank and short answer questions, this study equips you to know and defend what you believe. Whether you are using it for family devotions, personal bible study, or as a pre-college preparation course, Bible Basics will lay the necessary foundations for living a life of "Excellence in Christ."

28-Day Jumpstart
Do you find yourself wishing you knew where to start in your spiritual journey?

Are you feeling stagnant in your study of the Word of God? Do you wonder where to begin as you mentor a new believer?

Welcome to the Discipleship Jumpstart: 28 Days to a Closer Walk with Jesus! Discipleship Jumpstart provides a gentle introduction to studying the Word of God to help a new believer begin their spiritual journey. At the same time, it's perfect for seasoned Christians who just need a little kickstart to refresh their time with the Lord. As you spend 28 days studying what the scriptures have to say about time in the Word, prayer, scripture memorization, and fellowship with other believers, you'll grow in your walk with the Lord. At the same time, you’ll find the biblical tools you need to develop a spiritual life characterized by faithful obedience to the Word of God. Perfect for individual study, one-on-one mentoring relationships, or small group studies, Discipleship Jumpstart: 28 Days to a Closer Walk with Jesus has the foundational tools you need for the spiritual walk you want!